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    Lithuanian Culture

    This page contains videos, articles, recipes, links, and other information on Lithuanian culture and customs. Enjoy!


    An idea for Easter!

    By Maryte Sepikas, Knights of Lithuania National Lithuanian Language & Culture Chair


    A few years ago our former pastor, Kun. Anuzis and I started a new Easter tradition here at St. Casimir’s Parish, Los Angeles, CA.  It’s put a smile on the faces of our parishioners after Easter Sunday Mass and I’m sure it would work in your parishes too.


    Each year we dye anywhere from 300 to 500 Easter eggs.  While they aren’t the intricately decorated Lithuanian Style eggs they are just plain dyed in beautiful Easter colors.  Then after the Masses on Easter morning we hand them out along with chocolate candy eggs.  It really warms your heart when you seen grown men and women excited to receive these eggs.  While I’m sure that your individual parishes may have your own Easter traditions, I just thought I’d share this one with you.


    Another wonderful tradition is to have your fellow parishioners bring in their Easter baskets with their eggs, bread and other treats and place them on the Altar rail.  Then during Mass they are all blessed.  After Mass each family picks up their basket and takes their blessed Easter goodies home to share with their families during their Easter meal.


    We’ve found that people love these little traditions.  Hopefully being part of these traditions will make them want to attend church more and be more active in the parish.


    Linksmu Sv. Velyku.

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