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    Council / District News for The Vytis magazine ONLY should be sent to:

    Mrs. Irene Macke
    Council-District News Editor
    6618 Osceola Trail
    Indian Head Park, IL 60525


    The following is a list of our current councils by district:

    Amber District- John Mankus, President

    C-3   Philadelphia, PA
    C-46  Forest City/Scranton, PA
    C-63  Lehigh Valley, PA
    C-72  Binghamton, NY
    C-140 Syracuse, NY
    C-143 Pittston, PA
    C-144 Anthracite, PA
    C-156 Shamokin/Coal Twp., PA

    Mid-America District- Aldona Zajauskas, President

    C-5     Chicago, IL
    C-16   Chicago, IL
    C-36   Chicago, IL
    C-38   Kenosha, WI
    C-82   Gary, IN
    C-112 Chicago, IL
    C-133 Los Angeles, CA
    C-157 Lemont, IL
    C-158 Lakeshore, IN

    Mid-Atlantic District- Elena Nakrosis, HM, President

    C-12  New York, NY
    C-29  Newark, NJ
    C-41  Brooklyn, NY
    C-52  Elizabeth, NJ
    C-90  Kearny, NJ
    C-110 Maspeth, NY
    C-136 Hudson-Mohawk, NY  

    C-142 Washington, DC

    C-152 East Long Island, NY

    Mid-Central District- Michael Petkus, President

    C-19  Pittsburgh, PA
    C-86  Dubois, PA
    C-96  Dayton, OH
    C-102 Detroit, MI

    New England District- David Boucher, President

    C-1   Brockton, MA
    C-6   Hartford, CT        
    C-7   Waterbury, CT
    C-10  Athol-Gardner, MA
    C-17  South Boston, MA
    C-26  Worcester, MA
    C-27  Norwood, MA
    C-30  Westfield, MA
    C-50  New Haven, CT
    C-78  Lawrence, MA
    C-103 Providence, RI
    C-116 Worcester, MA
    C-135 Ansonia, CT
    C-141 Bridgeport, CT