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    Knights of Lithuania Committees 

    Archives Committee

    Norma Petkus- Archivist 

    The Knights of Lithuania national archives are housed at the University of Dayton. 

    Honorary Membership Committee

    Theresa Strolia, HM - Chair

     Honorary Membership is the highest honor bestowed by the Knights of Lithuania.  Exceptional members are singled out for their contribution to the organization.  Also, non-member Lithuanian Catholics are also eligible for this honor. These individuals are recognized for their service and outpouring of selfless talents in helping the Lithuanian nation and/or the descendants of those brave souls struggling first under the Russian Czar and then under the Red Sickle and Hammer.

    Lithuanian Affairs Committee

    John R. Mankus, HM - Chair

    Formed in 1946 to champion the cause of Lithuanian independence, the Lithuanian Affairs Committee has continued to provide advocacy for Lithuania's needs.  Members of the committee attempt to keep abreast of the political, social and economic situation in Lithuania and appropriately disseminate such information to their fellow Knights and their local media, as well as government officials, in order to encourage assistance to Lithuania in the achieving of stability and prosperity within a democratic system.

    In addition, as a Roman Catholic based organization, this committee works to keep its members aware of closings or mergers of Roman Catholic Churches founded by our ancestors here in the United States.

    Lithuanian Language and Culture Committee

    Susan Binkis - Chair

    The Cultural and Language Committee works to provide various articles and materials on things Lithuanian for our membership.  Translations of various items from/to English/Lithuanian are made and published in the pages of VYTIS-The Knight.  The aim of this committee is to disseminate as much cultural information to the membership as possible. Please see the Lithuanian Culture page for more information on Lithuanian customs and traditions.

    Public Relations  Committee

    Regina Juska-Svoba, HM - Chair

    The Public Relations Committee interfaces with American Lithuanian, Lithuanian American and other ethnic organizations, the press, radio programs, news bureaus and social media to disseminate information about the K of L events: social and cultural, meetings at the local, district and national levels, district and national conventions, pilgrimages. Additionally,  the K of L organization’s achievements and sponsored and supported projects are highlighted.  The Public Relations Committee is entrusted to outline the objectives, dedication and motto of the organization: “For God and Country.” The committee also informs, educates and promotes the K of L organization by gaining public attention, support and good will. 

    Ritual  Committee

    June Grenier, HM - Chair